The Postcard Exchange is now in its 4th year of existence. Amanda Gordon, a local art teacher, was challenged to create postcard-sized art work one summer for a teacher exhibit in the fall. From that idea, she invited several friends, relatives, co-workers, church members, etc to begin creating postcards with her and exchanging them among each other. Each year when one rotation of exchanging ends and a new one begins, some members move on to other projects and new members take their place. A new schedule of exchanging is created and the exchanging continues.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bonus Postcards

Dear Postcard Pals, Thank you for participating in the exchange.  I am enjoying hearing from you and seeing your many creations.  Over the next couple days, you should be receiving a "bonus postcard" from me, even though you may not be on my schedule for this month.  I just wanted to send each of you an extra card and say thanks for being a postcard pal!

Artist: Amanda

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